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Gosh, I have fund myself driving to Starbucks 3 times last week and once again today.

I am in love with that Black Forest Ham Egg Sandwich, now just to find out that it packs a whopping 380 Calories OMG!!!! Not to mention the Tall White Chocolate Mocha coffee that I also order with it. No wonder I don’t feel too hungry for hours. I better NOT. Its’ at least 700 cal for breakfast. And, it’s $6.84; do the math $6.84 x 3 times/week = $20.52 x 4 / mo = $82.08 OMG I have to quit.  

I am glad I will be out of the country next week where I won’t find a Starbucks and I just pray that my breakfast addiction goes away. Otherwise, my money certainly will….







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