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This Sunday I had in mind that I would finish a lot of the stuff in refrigerator, like ½ can of cranberries and ½ can of crushed pineapple. So, in an effort to not let the food spoil; I was never a fan of it and specially now with the tough economic times, I hate to see any food go to waste, I decided to bake some yummy desserts and have it for the week. And, to add to it, I also wanted to bake some nice homemade wheat bread.

So, I got my baking gadgets and started my adventure. First, was the wheat bread; just because while it set I was able to work on the pineapple cupcakes. Then, secondly, I worked on the cranberry chocolate chip bar. The recipe was from the can of cranberry and the pineapple cupcake was this medium size pink cupcake recipe book I have. I added a few more things like roasted coconut flakes and added moist with condensed milk glaze.

All I can say is that it all turned out delicious, again! I am so proud of myself; I was never interested in any kitchen activities until about 2 years ago. So, it’s true that people can really change! Baking became one of my favorite hobbies. Also, I have to say that my husband inspired me to start learning about cooking as well. Now, he can’t complain even if he gets fat LOL!!!

pineapple coconut cupcake

pineapple coconut cupcake



cramberry chocolate chip bar

cramberry chocolate chip bar



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