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The X-Files

So, do you all remember The X-Files with agent Molder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson)? My question is; how did Scully’s strawberry red lipstick was always on? No matter what time of the day or night that girl had it all in place. I want to know what kind of put-on/stay-on 24/7 lipstick that is… anyone?


I love that show and I hope it comes back. But, I have a bone to pick and that is… how can anyone go on for several 24 hours episodes w/o ever sleeping and eating? And, their cell phones never stop working! I want to know who they have for their cell phone carrier LOL


Another great show, but why don’t they ever turn on the lights at the crime scene site? They are always using a little flash light. Does the flash light help with finding details on the ground or are they lazy? I know they have don’t want to touch anything around but they have gloves – so, what’s up with that?




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Well, I never really buy frozen food anymore, but all of a sudden, I decided to get one the other day and left it in the refrigerator, at work. The next day, when I went to check the freezer and make sure my tasty Chicken Carbonara Lean Cuisine was there waiting for my lunch time… WHAT?? OH NO someone STOLE MY LEAN CUISINE. That was so wrong. How about respect and work ethics? Have we forgotten about all of that or have we never learned about it? Come on that was rude. I was really psyched about my lunch and I ended up with Wendy’s baked potato.


I just wish my office had a Terri Tater …




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So, I went to see Sex and the City, the movie was great! It was fun, romantic, dramatic, and a happy ending! It did make me cry twice, just a few little tears. I just LOVED. Carrie looks great! How can you stay so thin at her age? Samantha still a fox and the life of the party; she finally got a little pooch, and you will see why LOL. Big was a BIG jerk, but in the end he makes up.

Well, I totally recommend, it’s a total girl’s night out movie, great locations and fashion, of course!

Also, there will be some good movies coming out this summer, another good girl flick is Mama Mia – you will see some of Greece in this one.

Don’t wait any more, grab you girl friends and go see Sex and The City, it’s awesome!

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