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I just want to clarify that, in my last post, I said that Obama stumbled when repeating the Presidential Oath; but that wasn’t right. Late last night I watched the news and found out that he actually knew that what Chief Justice John Roberts said was incorrect; the word “faithfully” comes first not at the end of the sentence. This what I found…

“I, name, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and I will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

So, Obama knew that was incorrect and tried to give Roberts a chance to get it right, which didn’t happen. But, made me feel better to know that Obama didn’t forget the words, as so many of us thought.


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Presidential inauguration was great! Obama gave the most incredible and hopeful speech. My company took time to let the employees watch the Presidential inauguration on our big flat screen and had hot dogs, hamburgers, and apple pie with ice cream for us! We are all in great spirits and delighted with our new President Obama. It was kind of funny when he stumbled a bit when he sworn but then just took off in his speech!



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Not many people know that you can register one of your credit cards with the credit card Rewards Network site at http://www.rewardsnetwork.com/¬†and earn money and discounts in over 500 different restaurants locations! You can enter your zip code and find the nearest restaurant. I have used and it’s a really good way to save money. There is a fee involved but it pays off if you like to dine out. Check it out. Nowadays, with this tough economy anyway you can save money is worth a try. ūüėČ

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I am very excited about Obama as the new President and wondering¬†what’s your biggest wishes from his endless list. This presidential election is historical and very exciting. But, on the other hand,¬† I am¬†also worried about white supremacy folks; anyone out there thinking the same? I really think we could have one of the gratest¬†four years ahead of us or we could have a great tragedy about to happen if folks from the south decide to take him down for good.

I am not too sure about the meaning of what electoral votes, but from the Yahoo Political Map it looks like most of the south east voted for McCain.

Watch Obama Acceptance Speech Video

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Well, well our little friend Google is only 10 years old today ‚ÄďHAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR GOOGLE!!! The one that makes me read about SEO stuff like crazy to keep up with algorithms changes, SEO tricks and with the never ending code changes. Just when you think you have it all under control, HAA something else comes out of the Google Labs and we have to run and change everything else on the site again. It drives me crazy sometimes.

However, I have to say that I love their Googleplex and it‚Äôs heard to think that they were once a garage operated search LOL ‚Äď they did it and now ten year later Google keeps going; and keeping all of us on our toes. Check out the Google timeline

I guess I will make a Google cake one of these days LOL

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Well, I never really buy frozen food anymore, but all of a sudden, I decided to get one the other day and left it in the refrigerator, at work. The next day, when I went to check the freezer and make sure my tasty Chicken Carbonara Lean Cuisine was there waiting for my lunch time… WHAT?? OH NO someone STOLE MY LEAN CUISINE. That was so wrong. How about respect and work ethics? Have we forgotten about all of that or have we never learned about it? Come on that was rude. I was really psyched about my lunch and I ended up with Wendy’s baked potato.


I just wish my office had a Terri Tater …




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Well, if you are called a Yawn, don’t get mad. It simply means that¬†you are part of¬†the new breed of Young and Wealth but Normal people that are very aware of our environment and live life¬†as¬†green as possible. For instance, Yawns drive hybrid cars, shop at local stores, if they shop at all and pay off their credit cards every month; oh Wow, I don’t think I need to be a Yawn to want to pay my credit card debt every month, it’s a matter of financial power not Yawnic desires LOL. Oh, and Yawns also try not to use their credit cards at all.

Also, Yawns usually make over $100 K/year, but they live in a much smaller fixed income Рin a conscious effort to tread lightly on the earth.  The average age of a Yawn is between 20s Р40s, who want nothing than to change the world and save he planet.

The article I read on the Sunday paper reported that, in 2004¬†a young man moved from Seattle to India to help build the local office¬†of Microsoft Research. Once he saw the young children begging on the streets, he quit Microsoft and launched¬†two networking sites, babajob.com and babalife.com, in an effort to link India’s vast pool of potential workers with the people who need labor.

How about this Google software engineer¬†who cashed in his stock options in 2003, and to his surprise he got more money than he could ever burn in his lifetime. So, what did he do? No, he didn’t buy an expensive car or a mansion in the Googledom of Silicon Valley, he retired to a four-bedroom house in Stateline, Nevada and started giving money away. So far, he has given $400,000 to a local arts’ organization to help build a new art center, $1 million to a bus company to help launch a route to so that casino workers wouldn’t have to rely on private transportation… I wonder if he used some of his money to gamble and have some fun in Vegas too… This is what I call a GIVER! I wish we had many more Yawns in life, not just to help our environment but to help so many in need.

You go Yawns !!!

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