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Hey – check out this message from Erika, in my Cinco the Mayo post from last year – Google lied


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Well, as I searched on Yahoo today, I notice the cute little “Cinco de Mayo” image  with the girl dancing and the mariachi singers. But, in its rival Google, NOTHING YES NADAS, ZIP, NIET! I just couldn’t believe that. Google always puts on a nice graphic for every holiday and even had an art image last week for two days promoting its new feature for iGoogle. But, how about the Mexican holiday? This makes me think Google is anti-Mexican and can care less about celebrating their holiday. I wonder if there are any Mexicans working at Google? LOL, probably not.


I little Cinco de Mayo history here.


Even though Yahoo dropped its share by about 20% today, they still have a nice take about it all. And, why is Google not celebrating Cinco de Mayo? Do they think Mexicans don’t use their search engine, or are Mexicans not worth the effort of some Google graphic designer to come up with a little graphic on the site celebrating their holiday?

Either way, I think Google should change its ways and get into the Cinco de Mayo spirit like Yahoo did.


Props to Yahoo!! And, I am not even Mexican.

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