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Interesting enough my thoughts about the population getting even more overweight was probably on the right track. This last weekend I read a Sun Sentinel article about the stress people are under and the lack of money; thus, going to reach for cheap fast food and end up gaining a ton of weigh. So, with that in mind, here is a list from Yahoo Health – American Healthiest Restaurants, also on the affordable side!

Read the entire article – America’s Healthiest Restaurants

A List

  • Chick-fil-A – never been
  • Subway – good grilled chicken sandwich
  • Jamba Juice – love their smoothies
  • Au Bon Pain – never been, never heard
  • Boston Market – has good turkey meals and veggies

B List

  • Cici’s Pizza Buffet – never been
  • McDonald’s – like the deal with the hamburger and then freeze some for later
  • Taco Bell – haven’t been there in a long time
  • Wendy’s – haven’t been there in a long time

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I am outraged to see the irresponsibility of Nadya Suleman’s, having the octuplets and putting the burden in California tax payers. Also, I truly believe the state should revoke the doctors’ licenses that agreed to inseminate her. What the hell were they thinking?


Read the complete article at Taxpayers may have to cover octuplet mom’s costs

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I just want to clarify that, in my last post, I said that Obama stumbled when repeating the Presidential Oath; but that wasn’t right. Late last night I watched the news and found out that he actually knew that what Chief Justice John Roberts said was incorrect; the word “faithfully” comes first not at the end of the sentence. This what I found…

“I, name, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and I will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

So, Obama knew that was incorrect and tried to give Roberts a chance to get it right, which didn’t happen. But, made me feel better to know that Obama didn’t forget the words, as so many of us thought.

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Presidential inauguration was great! Obama gave the most incredible and hopeful speech. My company took time to let the employees watch the Presidential inauguration on our big flat screen and had hot dogs, hamburgers, and apple pie with ice cream for us! We are all in great spirits and delighted with our new President Obama. It was kind of funny when he stumbled a bit when he sworn but then just took off in his speech!



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Where is the Secret Service guys when you need them?? I don’t like Bush, but that’s was a bit much. And, he was pretty fast in ducking the shoe, TWICE!  YouTube Video  – View Bush ducking shoes from Iraq reporter

Now, we have a few jokes going around, of course we had to have one last laugh with Bush and a grand finale!


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If anyone is looking for a good holiday basket gift with cookies to send to a family member or friend, I totally recommend Cherryl&Co sugar cookies . Last week, I got a holiday gift fro ma vendor and the cookies are just delicious; all individually wrapped, which I think it probably keeps it fresh for longer.


They were having a holiday deal until today – check it out – they are really good!

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Not many people know that you can register one of your credit cards with the credit card Rewards Network site at http://www.rewardsnetwork.com/ and earn money and discounts in over 500 different restaurants locations! You can enter your zip code and find the nearest restaurant. I have used and it’s a really good way to save money. There is a fee involved but it pays off if you like to dine out. Check it out. Nowadays, with this tough economy anyway you can save money is worth a try. 😉

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