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Made this cake for my cool boss – she loved it!


See more Flower cake gift box pictures at www.webbyzard.com/la-petite-baker/


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This cake looks so pretty and it was a lot of work. Starting by creating all of the little flowers with royal icing and letting them dry for a few days. Then, creating the butterfly with color flow icing and finally making the cake; orange cake. Next, was making more icing; cream cheese buttercream icing. And, finally, decorate the cake and make the basket weave and place the flowers! DONE!!!

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This cake recipe is actually called chocolate butter cake, but I also added walnuts, left over from my delicious carrot cake, and a strawberry filling. For the filling, I mixed low sugar red raspberry jam, mascarpone cheese, and homemade heavy whipped cream. The chocolate icing was from the store, but I diluted with some low-fat milk; otherwise it’s too sweet. This cake was very good, but since I used a pan that has a heart shape in the middle, it was quite difficult to flip to top with filling. It was heavy and I had a bit of an accident; you can see that the top of the cake is not perfect. However, the taste was more then perfect!!!

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This afternoon I made an Angel Food cake that just turned out heavenly! It was so spongy and yummy. I actually made two cakes out of one box. It was a fat free Angel Food cake, but not so fat free after I added my icing! However, delicious; did I say that again 😉

I wanted to use my flexible heart shaped baking dish, but it wasn’t deep enough. So, I poured half of the cake mix in the heart shaped dish and the other half in my small round metal baking pan.  It was the first time I made Angel food cake and it turned out DELICIOUS! It was amazing to see it rise. Then, the best part was decorating the cakes.

The heart shaped Angel Food cake had strawberry fluffy icing and sliced strawberries! And, a few mini marshmallows, can you see it?

The second cake had cream cheese icing and shredded coconut. Plus, my frozen rose with sugar, the rose is just for looks. But, doesn’t it look pretty and so delicious. The Angel Food cake was very easy, just mix the powder and 1-1/4 cup of water; anyone can do it. It’s a great easy desert!

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Did you know that stay-at-home moms are worth about $117 k / year??? oh my gosh! I was surprised when I read this little article on the newspaper about how much work stay-at-home moms do; and not to mention the moms that also have full time jobs. I ask myself HOW DO THEY DO IT???

Boston associate press says that stay-at-home moms could be compensated as much as $117,000 / year.  That’s according to Mother’s Day study released by Salary.com , a company that studies workplace compensation. The base pay level was calculated by studying pay levels for 10 job titles with duties that are similar to what moms perform at home. Check this out, moms do all of these, from housekeeping and day-care to center teachers to van drivers, psychologist and chief executive officer. WOW!!! That’s a hand full of jobs. Well, all of these jobs combined come up to about $117 K salary. Also, about 18,000 moms surveyed about their typical week reported working about 94 hours; that means more than half of their working hours on overtime.

So, for Mother’s Day give your mom a break and send her to a SPA – she deserves it! Or, at least give her some flowers.

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