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This was my first cake from scratch and it turned out delicious! I used two recipes and the major difference is that one used maple syrup and honey instead of confectioner sugar. Also, the recipe called for walnuts and dark raisins. I used maple syrup and honey to be more on the natural side. The cream cheese icing turned a little too thin, but it worked for icing the cake; but not good for decoration. I added water when I didn’t have to. The marzipan carrots are so cute and gave it a final special touch. It took me a few hours but it was a fun experience and my husband loved!  Lots of toasted walnuts too 😉

Baking has been a lot of fun lately, I am surprised with myself; it took me over 35 years to get in touch with my housewife self; it finally came out LOL; I can’t promisse it will last forever but I am enjoying it for the moment.


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So, I finally go to the flower decorations for my latest cake! Course 1 is over. The roses are pretty but kind of tricky, you have to really hold it well and move your wrist just right to get the angle; like they say PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and more PRACTICE! Next week I start Course 2 and will be baking only one cake for the entire course. But, it will be a much more intricate decoration style, we’ll be working with royal icing; I am excited! That stuff gets really hard but it’s supposed to melt in your mouth.


This cake is my last box mix cake, from now on I will be making it from scratch. But, I added guava preserve and vanilla flavored home made icing – it’s delicious!

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Please help spread the word about adopting Sami and Danni; they were left behind when their owners had to leave the house because of financial difficulties. I think they are at the Tri-County Humane Society shelter in Boca Raton.

Click here to read more about these two cuties that need a loving home and about the Tennessee pup mill dogs



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So, last weekend we took a 3-day weekend and went to the Keys, meaning Big Pine Key, Bahia Honda State Park, and one day in Key West – oh, we love KW! We visited Hemmingway’s house – I really could live there and just enjoy the breeze. And, how about al of those cats, OMG – they are cute though. I just thought that admission was a little too much $12 adults and $6 for children. And, it was pretty busy. They also have a tour of the rooms, but we just went off on our own.


This one is after my decorations, which in the process I learned that butter cream icing cannot have water; its consistency is already stiff or thin enough for decoration. So, I have a lot of soft icing left. Just to make the clown I had to add so much sugar to get a more firm consistency. Well, I am leaning. It was fun.  And, it was good snack for our trip. I liked making the clown but especially the shells and flowers, they come out really pretty.


The trip to the Bahia Honda was fun, our cabin was right on the water; but don’t think you can swim there b/c you can’t; it’s all protected water! The kids went kayaking; we also saw a big turtle and lots of fish. If you go to Big Pine Key you can see the cutest deers; they are kind of small. Oh and how can I forget the birds? We stopped by a pet store that had some fun friendly birds, but they relay like to bite on everything!


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