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I was asking, so who is this guy that McCain is talking about all the time in the last few days? Who is Joe the Plumber? Well, apparently he got upset with Obama’s plan for taxing people making more than $250 K – Wow, what kind of plumbing is he installing that the guy makes more than that? Make a note to NEVER call Joe the Plumber in to fix your toilet!


Another fact about Joe the Plumber, he apparently has a tax lien in his house and he is not even a licensed plumber – only in America!!!


Watch this video with Joes the Plumber funny bits



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Did you know that stay-at-home moms are worth about $117 k / year??? oh my gosh! I was surprised when I read this little article on the newspaper about how much work stay-at-home moms do; and not to mention the moms that also have full time jobs. I ask myself HOW DO THEY DO IT???

Boston associate press says that stay-at-home moms could be compensated as much as $117,000 / year.  That’s according to Mother’s Day study released by Salary.com , a company that studies workplace compensation. The base pay level was calculated by studying pay levels for 10 job titles with duties that are similar to what moms perform at home. Check this out, moms do all of these, from housekeeping and day-care to center teachers to van drivers, psychologist and chief executive officer. WOW!!! That’s a hand full of jobs. Well, all of these jobs combined come up to about $117 K salary. Also, about 18,000 moms surveyed about their typical week reported working about 94 hours; that means more than half of their working hours on overtime.

So, for Mother’s Day give your mom a break and send her to a SPA – she deserves it! Or, at least give her some flowers.

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I am proud to say that I know at least three intelligent and goal oriented women and they have their own successful home business.

The first one is owned by Melanie Heywood, she actually founded two online business; an online classifieds website that pays you simply for listing ads!  The site callled Listasaurus.com

The second home business Melanie owns is a called MyBizLoop – MyBizLoop is an online business networking community designed to help you grow your business by networking with other professionals.

You go Mel!!! Much success in your home businesses 😉

The next business woman I know is Cyndie Kadoche, she is one of the founders of HomEmpire.com – The ultimate destination for home improvement and living space!

You go Cyndie! Great idea and I can’t wait to see Scot Hall Inc, an experiened AC contractor in Florida, listed there too. Thanks for the membership.

My last mention is about Claudia Rossi, an international home business owner. Claudia owns CN Rossi, a well known ergonomic business in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Claudia is a great professional with many awards and over 15 years of experience in her industry. She was a pioneer in her industry.

Claudia and I have been friends for about 25 years and I am very proud of her accomplishments in life! Love you Claudinha and thanks for the great time at Skye last week. 

This is what I call GIRL POWER!!!

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