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I just want to clarify that, in my last post, I said that Obama stumbled when repeating the Presidential Oath; but that wasn’t right. Late last night I watched the news and found out that he actually knew that what Chief Justice John Roberts said was incorrect; the word “faithfully” comes first not at the end of the sentence. This what I found…

“I, name, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and I will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

So, Obama knew that was incorrect and tried to give Roberts a chance to get it right, which didn’t happen. But, made me feel better to know that Obama didn’t forget the words, as so many of us thought.


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Presidential inauguration was great! Obama gave the most incredible and hopeful speech. My company took time to let the employees watch the Presidential inauguration on our big flat screen and had hot dogs, hamburgers, and apple pie with ice cream for us! We are all in great spirits and delighted with our new President Obama. It was kind of funny when he stumbled a bit when he sworn but then just took off in his speech!



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Where is the Secret Service guys when you need them?? I don’t like Bush, but that’s was a bit much. And, he was pretty fast in ducking the shoe, TWICE!  YouTube Video  – View Bush ducking shoes from Iraq reporter

Now, we have a few jokes going around, of course we had to have one last laugh with Bush and a grand finale!


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I am very excited about Obama as the new President and wondering what’s your biggest wishes from his endless list. This presidential election is historical and very exciting. But, on the other hand,  I am also worried about white supremacy folks; anyone out there thinking the same? I really think we could have one of the gratest four years ahead of us or we could have a great tragedy about to happen if folks from the south decide to take him down for good.

I am not too sure about the meaning of what electoral votes, but from the Yahoo Political Map it looks like most of the south east voted for McCain.

Watch Obama Acceptance Speech Video

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Oh boy, last week was bumpy; actually the last few months have been bumpy for all of us. For me, signs of the bad economy are 30% loss on my 401(k), about 20% loss on my IRA Roth, my house lost equity and it’s about $20K less than what I paid for a few years ago, gas prices up and now, one good thing, going down now. Does anyone really think a the new president will fix this bad economy? I hope so, it’s like hurricane preparation, hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Well, for some people at my job, the signs of bad economy were right up on their faces; about 7 people got fired at my job last week; I couldn’t believe it. But, besides the bad economy, of courses, performance also counts. Even a couple veteran employees were let go. I was thinking, am I next? I think my position is safe, but you just never know. I know my work is done in my department; even when some big wig called me to alert me about little talk between me and my co-worker, but  what’s weird is that this boss did not realize that we don’t take smoke breaks and others in her dept. do, at least 2-3 times a day, they take a 15 minute smoke break and my 5 min talk to break the day is bad… I guess I should start smoking and that would be ok. Well, we just keep on trucking.

So, to get the bad economy blues away, my hubby and I decided to go out for a dinner Saturday night and take a walk after, just do window shopping and enjoy the nice weather. And, I was also hoping to get home and see Sara Palin on SNL in a funny skit with with Tina Fay. But now, Palin did some small talk with Alec Baldwin and did a lame intro to SNL; and that was it. Very disappointed with Palin, oops, that seems to be the pattern LOL – But, I guess, I migh have missed some more of Palin on SNL, check out the video at http://www.weeklystandard.com/weblogs/TWSFP/2008/10/palin_raises_the_roof_on_snl.asp

Some more Sarah Palin vidoes here http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22425001/vp/27267525#27267525

Sarah Palin funny videos

Sarah Palin funny videos

Have a nice week!

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I was asking, so who is this guy that McCain is talking about all the time in the last few days? Who is Joe the Plumber? Well, apparently he got upset with Obama’s plan for taxing people making more than $250 K – Wow, what kind of plumbing is he installing that the guy makes more than that? Make a note to NEVER call Joe the Plumber in to fix your toilet!


Another fact about Joe the Plumber, he apparently has a tax lien in his house and he is not even a licensed plumber – only in America!!!


Watch this video with Joes the Plumber funny bits


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