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Ok, here is a tip using Vaseline to keep help you save money on your manicure. One day I was at the salon doing my nails and mentioned to thevaseline manicure lady that my cuticles got dry and rough often; I guess due to washing dishes; cleaning products, just daily work. So, she told me to try rubbing some Vaseline on my hands and fingers tips and also on my feet to keep it from getting dry skin. So, I did and it works wonders!

I keep my bottle of Petroleum Jelly next to my bed and every night I rub in on my hands, fingers, and feet. Now, I am able to keep my nails and cuticles looking good for several weeks. Who would know that she gave me a tip to keep me out of her salon! I still go there for my pedicure tough. Hey, now Vaseline can save me about $20 per month and if I keep this up for the year, it’s at least $240 more in my pocket.

Another little handy “gadget” for nails is this long square nail filler; it has 4 sides to:

  • Grit: Coarse/Medium/Fine/Extra Fine
  • Files, removes ridges, smoothes and shines
  • Cuticle protection edge for safety

It’s called Tropical Shine Mini 4-Way Nail Buffer Block and it works wonder, combined with the Vaseline.

Try it!


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This Sunday I had in mind that I would finish a lot of the stuff in refrigerator, like ½ can of cranberries and ½ can of crushed pineapple. So, in an effort to not let the food spoil; I was never a fan of it and specially now with the tough economic times, I hate to see any food go to waste, I decided to bake some yummy desserts and have it for the week. And, to add to it, I also wanted to bake some nice homemade wheat bread.

So, I got my baking gadgets and started my adventure. First, was the wheat bread; just because while it set I was able to work on the pineapple cupcakes. Then, secondly, I worked on the cranberry chocolate chip bar. The recipe was from the can of cranberry and the pineapple cupcake was this medium size pink cupcake recipe book I have. I added a few more things like roasted coconut flakes and added moist with condensed milk glaze.

All I can say is that it all turned out delicious, again! I am so proud of myself; I was never interested in any kitchen activities until about 2 years ago. So, it’s true that people can really change! Baking became one of my favorite hobbies. Also, I have to say that my husband inspired me to start learning about cooking as well. Now, he can’t complain even if he gets fat LOL!!!

pineapple coconut cupcake

pineapple coconut cupcake



cramberry chocolate chip bar

cramberry chocolate chip bar


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Interesting enough my thoughts about the population getting even more overweight was probably on the right track. This last weekend I read a Sun Sentinel article about the stress people are under and the lack of money; thus, going to reach for cheap fast food and end up gaining a ton of weigh. So, with that in mind, here is a list from Yahoo Health – American Healthiest Restaurants, also on the affordable side!

Read the entire article – America’s Healthiest Restaurants

A List

  • Chick-fil-A – never been
  • Subway – good grilled chicken sandwich
  • Jamba Juice – love their smoothies
  • Au Bon Pain – never been, never heard
  • Boston Market – has good turkey meals and veggies

B List

  • Cici’s Pizza Buffet – never been
  • McDonald’s – like the deal with the hamburger and then freeze some for later
  • Taco Bell – haven’t been there in a long time
  • Wendy’s – haven’t been there in a long time

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I am outraged to see the irresponsibility of Nadya Suleman’s, having the octuplets and putting the burden in California tax payers. Also, I truly believe the state should revoke the doctors’ licenses that agreed to inseminate her. What the hell were they thinking?


Read the complete article at Taxpayers may have to cover octuplet mom’s costs

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Not many people know that you can register one of your credit cards with the credit card Rewards Network site at http://www.rewardsnetwork.com/ and earn money and discounts in over 500 different restaurants locations! You can enter your zip code and find the nearest restaurant. I have used and it’s a really good way to save money. There is a fee involved but it pays off if you like to dine out. Check it out. Nowadays, with this tough economy anyway you can save money is worth a try. 😉

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Have you ever thought of having dinner in the sky? Well, now you can, read more about dinner in the sky


Dinner in the sky video

Dinner in the sky video



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Well, my Atlantis Resort Vacation, in the Bahamas, AKA- Paradise Island, was interesting. And, despite the cold December weather, we still manage to have some fun and swim with the dolphins! I never thought the Bahamas could get cold; but it can. Well, I call anything below 70 degrees.
But, we still saw many families and their children frolicking in the cold water of the Atlantis Resort pools and slides. The beach was beautiful with crystal clear water and lots of wild life to entertain anyone!
So, here are some tips for anyone looking to take a vacation at Atlantis Resort, in the Bahamas…
  1. Make sure you are not afraid of small planes, if flying to the Bahamas from Florida, you will most likely fly in a
    small 19 seat place. The take off was rough and scary; a lot of shaking but it got better after were above the atlantis-resort-vacation-bahamas-bird6clouds.
  2. Make sure you watch your luggage, if you fly in a small plane, like I did, the pilot may decide the plane is too heavy and ask to have some luggage removed; which happened to my husband’s bag. The flight was about 45 minutes so we got to the Bahamas airport around 1 pm, but his luggage didn’t get to Atlantis until almost 6:30 pm. We were told that this luggage was coming in the next plane coming from Florida, which was actually true. But the anxiety and the thought of getting stuck there without anything to wear was very stressful.
  3. In case your baggage gets lost, or just missing for a few hours let’s hope, before you leave the Nassau airport, make sure you fill out a lost luggage form and get the name of the person you talked to and a phone number to call later – keep checking until you have you bag at the hotel; they will deliver to the concierge desk. As soon as you get to the hotel inform the concierge you are expecting your bag to be delivered from the airport. And, tip them, it will help.
  4. If you book your vacation direct with Atlantis Resort, make sure you also get the “casual meal plan” which is $59 / person per day; and it’s well worth it! Food and drinks cost an arm and a leg. The “casual meal plan” entitles you to breakfast and dinner in a few different restaurant options; the food was good and services too, but watch what you eat b/c every meal includes a 15% gratuity fee, which you have to pay.
  5. If you are like me and my husband and don’t like to get in the water if it’s below 70 degrees, do not go to Atlantis in November or December, all of the activities revolve around water.
  6. If you like my room balcony view, ask to stay at the Coral Tower; we had the 9th floor room facing the Royal Tower. All of the hotels are connected and you can come and go very easy.
  7. The spa is beautiful, Mandara Spa, make sure you have a massage or facial there.
  8. If you are looking for a more private and quiet vacation without lots of kids around, don’t go to Atlantis Resort; there are a lot of families and tons of kids running around and screaming at the restaurants. So, be prepared.

    dophin swim at Atlantis

    dophin swim at Atlantis

  9. A dolphin swim is a must, I did the deep sea swim which was fun but still not enough time. You can’t touch the dolphins that much; but it was a fun experience; I still recommend.
  10. Besides the deep sea dolphin swim, which was $158 / person I recommend doing the swim in the shark tank, which was $110 and seemed very exciting. I didn’t do it, but if I visit Atlantis again, I will.

Well, I hope my tips can help you on your next vacation to the Bahamas!

View Atlantis Resort videos


view of Royal Tower, from my room balcony

Atlantis Resort Beach - Nassau, Bahamas

Atlantis Resort Beach - Nassau, Bahamas

Searay tank - balcony view

Searay tank - balcony view

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