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The final cake was a rectangle, easier to cut and you get more slices – and ew did get a lot, plus I even brought some cake back home.

Took me about 3 hrs to decorate, just because I have to do it all, cut the cake, clean-up after each step, make the icing, different colors, pipe it, cut the gum paste for the logo — etc – but it turned out great. Everyone loved the look and taste!

Mission accomplished 😉


Key Club cake - chocolate and butter cream cake

Key Club cake - chocolate and butter cream cake


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fl-key-clubI have been changing my mind about a cake I have to make for a Saturday barbecue for the Florida Key Club.

First, it was going to be a yellow sheet cake, then I saw the round logo on the web site and decided to make a 14″ round cake to fit the logo design, but decided the cutting would not be as friendly as a sheet cake, plus we might not have enough pieces for 30-35 people, or they will be too skinny. Now, I went back to the sheet cake, chocolate with one of two layers of butter cream …. aahhhhhh. I sometimes drive myself crazy!

Well, check back next week for the cake pictures 😉 and find out what was the final cake verdict!

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I made this cake for a long time friend that is having a baby shower today! She wanted the cake to be similar to the baby shower invitation and itmel-shower-cake came out pretty good. It’s a chocolate cake with buttercream icing. Yummy!

I added the Super Mom-to-be cake topper because Mel is always so busy and doing 50 things at once, and now she will have a baby to care of too – she will be Super Mom!

I can’t wait to deliver the baby shower cake and enjoy the party with her; oh, it’s a girl!

Visit Mel’s online classified business site at http://www.listasaurus.com – this is just one of her jobs – that’s why I called her super mom!


Baby Shower Cake for a Super Mom to be

Email after the baby shower – from Mel:

“I can’t thank you enough for that amazing cake!! It was the best cake I’ve ever eaten. No joke!! I’m going to put a blog post as soon as I have a minute to breathe.”


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