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news_coffee.jpgFirst things first, Hillary is the fave donkey in FL – YES!

50K homestead exemption passed but, according to the morning news, it still in limbo b/c some envious people in Leon Co want the portability as well, so it’s in limbo for now. But, once it goes through some say it will cut thousands of jobs in the public service sector; and these people won’t have money to pay for their taxes even with the tax cut. Well, I have a solution, since Floridians voted yes for slot machines in dog and horse tracks, all of the unnemployed public workers can go ahead and get a job at the cassinos. Didn’t we all hear that old saying.. one door closes and another opens… WELL THE CASSINO DOORS ARE OPEN GUYS! As for the extra money we will get from our tax exemption, it’s all going to gambling!

 Have a great week 😉 In the end, it all works out!


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