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This was supposed to be my last cake, I said I wasn’t signing up for the next class; but I did!  – Well, I was not in the mood to make gum paste roses that day. So, I just made two roses and used some left over Royall icing flowers from my basked weave cake. Plus, I had made a color flow Betty Boop that fit just perfect on the cake. 

This was a chocolate cake with butter cream icing; some ready to use icing from the can, some homemade, the colorful stuff is all homemade.

I will be taking the next class; which is gum paste and fondant. We’ll learn how to mold flowers and some other stuff, I hope, with gum paste and we’ll use more fondant on cakes. It should be fun. I got some chocolate fondant that kind of taste like dark twizzlers.

So, I took the cake to work and it was gone in an hour – perfect for Friday breakfast!!

The Betty Boop was made with Royal Icing and color flow icing; it’s a little work but the great thing is that you can keep these decorations forever, or for at least a few parties if no one is willing to eat it 😉

Fondant Tips

1 – never put fondant in the refrigerator; this is why I could not use fondant in my Betty Boop Cake. I had strawberries in the middle and it needed to be refrigerated.

2 – never cover fondant, it gets all wilted and can form bubbles. If you do cover it, just remove the cover as soon as you remember this tip and it should come back to normal consistence, meaning should get hard and take form again.

3 – to keep fondant for up to 1 year, cover in shortening, wrap in plastic wrap, then put inside a Ziploc bag w/o any air, finally put inside a very air tight container.

4- best quality fondant– look for Satin Fine Foods Rolled Fondant http://www.satinfinefoods.com/ – it tastes great! You can also purchase it online at a few different sites http://www.fondantsource.com/saicerofo2.html , http://www.intotheoven.com/ ,  http://www.globalsugarart.com/cat.php?cid=799  –do not buy Wilton Rolled fondant, it does not tatse good, and you don’t want people eating that from your cake.

Have fun with your cake baking!


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This was an order for a Miami Dolphin fan, after my Sunday cake for my class, on Tuesday night I bajed this one – for a birthday. I was really excited to make the cake and see how it turned out. It was a chocolate cake – delicious recipe. Used sour cream and made the batter very silky. Well, it looks cute, even has a fondant helmet! The person that ordered the Miami Dolphin Cake loved and I hope they enjoy the taste as well! It was had to ice he dolphin; next time I would use fondant and make it really smooth.

Pre-icing cake

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This week was bit crazy, I started baking last Sunday – my cake for the cake decoration calss. This week as a gift box with fondant. To my surprise, this fondant tates like marshmallow, it was really good. The cake was a Spiced Cocoa-Apple cake – not too sweet but it was great beacuse it balanced the sweet from the icing and fondant. Great cake with coffee! I tried to sell but no luck this time, so just took it to work and they had a ball LOL


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I am proud to say that I know at least three intelligent and goal oriented women and they have their own successful home business.

The first one is owned by Melanie Heywood, she actually founded two online business; an online classifieds website that pays you simply for listing ads!  The site callled Listasaurus.com

The second home business Melanie owns is a called MyBizLoop – MyBizLoop is an online business networking community designed to help you grow your business by networking with other professionals.

You go Mel!!! Much success in your home businesses 😉

The next business woman I know is Cyndie Kadoche, she is one of the founders of HomEmpire.com – The ultimate destination for home improvement and living space!

You go Cyndie! Great idea and I can’t wait to see Scot Hall Inc, an experiened AC contractor in Florida, listed there too. Thanks for the membership.

My last mention is about Claudia Rossi, an international home business owner. Claudia owns CN Rossi, a well known ergonomic business in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Claudia is a great professional with many awards and over 15 years of experience in her industry. She was a pioneer in her industry.

Claudia and I have been friends for about 25 years and I am very proud of her accomplishments in life! Love you Claudinha and thanks for the great time at Skye last week. 

This is what I call GIRL POWER!!!

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