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As I get my email updates this morning, I read this article about Google Street View and it really makes me aware of all of the possible problems Google Street View services may pose to us, ordinary non-Googlers; or NOT- see this excerpt from the article …

“Oh, and if you believe as Google does that “complete privacy does not exist,” then you should check out the house where Google CEO Eric Schmidt reportedly lives using satellite imagery from Google Maps. It looks like he has had some construction done in the past few years. A simple Google search of the address (366 Walsh Road, Atherton, CA) will tell you that Schmidt merged two adjacent lots in 2001[viii] to create the new lot and then added a new fence, retaining wall, and drainage in 2004. Eric, that creepiness that you’re feeling is probably approaching the level of the people who had Street View vehicles in their driveways. So, while it is Google’s mission to “organize the world’s information and make it accessible and useful,” the company should thoroughly consider how that information can adversely impact the same people it is meant to help.“

So, I used to think it was kind of cool to have a picture of houses and places right on my screen; but I guess I don’t really think it’s that great when it’s my house plastered on the screen of the entire world. Not that I have anything that would potentially bring me a terrorist attack, but maybe neighborhood thieves could make use of Google’s free service. It’s like Google is saying… just come and see all over your favorite neighborhood, take your pick then mark your targets – we have done all of the leg work for you; right here on the computer. Enjoy!

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So, within less than a week my blog PR came back. Not a clue why Google PR4 got dropped to nothing, but I am happy it came back to normal. So, this is for anyone out there with PR drops, just wait a few days, maybe it was just a fluke.
I also noticed a change in the WordPress admin interface, I wonder if that has anything to do with that; I guess I will never know.

Please take this poll and let see how many of us had the same problem.

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iHate Google

iHate Google


I don’t know why and how Google took my blog PR4 to 0 overnight, it’s very upsetting. I think Google is changing their algorithm to something else and more changes will happen between the end of the year and 2009 Q1.

See this video about Speculation about Google changes in Q1.

The Google dance is a pain – we have to abide by their rules 24/7 but Google can just take it all away anytime they feel like.

Anyone else experienced a PR drop lately?

Let me know.

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There is a site offering good skin care products and even better with $20 in FREE products, when you purchase online from 11/1/08 – 12/1/08. See their Holiday Promotion details  . Just one little detail, you have to be a registered client to be able to shop. And, it’s really easy to register, you can go to http://www.skincaretreatments.myarbonne.com/ and follow the steps for new client registration.

I have bought these products and really liked because the company is Vegan Certified; meaning they never do animal testing or use animal by-products in their products .


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I was asking, so who is this guy that McCain is talking about all the time in the last few days? Who is Joe the Plumber? Well, apparently he got upset with Obama’s plan for taxing people making more than $250 K – Wow, what kind of plumbing is he installing that the guy makes more than that? Make a note to NEVER call Joe the Plumber in to fix your toilet!


Another fact about Joe the Plumber, he apparently has a tax lien in his house and he is not even a licensed plumber – only in America!!!


Watch this video with Joes the Plumber funny bits


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I just realized that Clinique’s compact powder comes in a nice green acrylic case but it’s not recyclable;-( I have purchased many of these over the years and I have been trashing these nice cases most of the time, I can only imagine how many other women do the same. I kept one Clinique’s compact powder for the mirror, but how many of these can a girl keep? This is not a good thing for our environment; I know plastic bottles and plastic bags are harmful to the environment and plastic never decomposes.


Well, after this last case I bought I will be switching to another brand, Arbonne. The

Arbonne refillable compact case

Arbonne refillable compact case

Arbonne Pressed Powder

cost can get a bit higher because of the shipping but they sell the case and refills separate, but you will be saving on gas and that trip to the mall. Do your online shopping and get it at your door steps! So you can just buy your refills after the first purchase and not worry about disposing so many make up cases into the environment.


And, you can recycle the powder container and use it for small items storage in your make up drawer; it will also keep it very organized 😉


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