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Did you hear about a law suit calling for “smart pumps” in Florida and other hot climate states? According to an article I read on the Sun Sentinel dated 4/27/08, Floridians pay up to 9 cents more per gallon than motorists in the Northeast, Midwest, and colder regions of the country, reported by consumer watchdog groups.  The article explains that a vehicle with a 2-gallon gas tank can travel about 490 miles between fill-ups with 90 degree fuel in Florida, according to projections by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association. However, the same vehicle could drive 495 miles if it were filled with gas at 75 degrees in Colorado and could go even further, about 505 miles, if it were filled at 45 degree temperature in Buffalo.  Other states such as Texas and California are also looking into this issue.

Some advocates claim that U.S. oil companies are overcharging consumers in warmer climates.

Smart Pumps, already used in Hawaii and Canada, are temperature-sensitive and calibrate fuel prices at gas station to ensure fairness in the marketplace. At Florida’s average gas temperature, motorists are losing four cents per gallon. In summer’s high temperatures, it will be double that. To explain that, temperature affects the volume and quality of gasoline. You get less energy in each gallon as gas temperature rises, its molecules expand, becoming less dense. Thus, hot gas provides less energy per gallon, reducing overall car mileage. Smart pumps can regulate gas pump temperature to a national average of 60 degrees making gas prices fair for everyone. Why should consumers living in hot climates be punished and pay more for gas? No reason.  

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