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It’s a very sad to read about pets being left behind because owners had to leave their home due to foreclosure. I am an animal lover, and I could never leave my pet behind even if I had no place to go, I would still keepmy pet. Maybe it’s easier said than done, but it sounds to me that takes a pretty cold person to just close the doors and leave lovable pets behind. This is what happened to Sami and Danni, from Boca Raton, FL.  See Sami and Danni in the picture, taken from the Sun Sentinel site (staff photo/Robert Mayer), aren’t they so cute? I already have 3 dogs and I would love to get more but it would just be more expense than we can afford; but I hope a nice family adopted them.

The South Florida foreclosure situation is very sad, not just for the families losing their homes but also for the abandoned pets. Sami and Danni are at the Tri-County Humane Society shelter, in Florida.

Sami and Danni are still up for adoption at http://www.tricountyhumane.org/adoptable_dogs.asp – you can view their picture and other adoptable dogs as well.

Here are some tips to pet owners on what they should do when facing foreclosure:

  • Don’t ever leave your pet behind inside your former home or in the yard. The animal could die from dehydration or starvation before anyone finds out. Foreclosure procedures might be delayed and no one will be checking the home until it’s too late for the pet.
  • Always try to find a temporary home for your pet; maybe a family member or a friend will be able to take care of your pet until you get back on your feet. Also, you can ask a veterinarian or an animal shelter group for the location of a temporary pet foster home.
  • Ask animal groups or shelters if they know of pet friendly landlords. Always keep records of your pet’s veterinary visits and shots, some landlords might like to know you are a responsible pet owner.
  • When moving to a new place, always get in writing if you are allowed to have a pet.
  • Get your pet spayed or neutered; pets are more likely to be welcomed into a new home if they are healthy and well-trained.

Find more information about renting with pets, see www.rentwithpets.orgor call 202-452-1100  and ask for the Companion Animal section. Also, visit American Veterinary Medical Association at www.avma.org and type “pets and foreclosure” in the search field.  Info. source: Sun Sentinel 4/22/08.

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