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Why is it more important to celebrate a French sculptor on Veterans Day on Google’s search page instead of a nice Veterans Day banner?


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As I get my email updates this morning, I read this article about Google Street View and it really makes me aware of all of the possible problems Google Street View services may pose to us, ordinary non-Googlers; or NOT- see this excerpt from the article …

“Oh, and if you believe as Google does that “complete privacy does not exist,” then you should check out the house where Google CEO Eric Schmidt reportedly lives using satellite imagery from Google Maps. It looks like he has had some construction done in the past few years. A simple Google search of the address (366 Walsh Road, Atherton, CA) will tell you that Schmidt merged two adjacent lots in 2001[viii] to create the new lot and then added a new fence, retaining wall, and drainage in 2004. Eric, that creepiness that you’re feeling is probably approaching the level of the people who had Street View vehicles in their driveways. So, while it is Google’s mission to “organize the world’s information and make it accessible and useful,” the company should thoroughly consider how that information can adversely impact the same people it is meant to help.“

So, I used to think it was kind of cool to have a picture of houses and places right on my screen; but I guess I don’t really think it’s that great when it’s my house plastered on the screen of the entire world. Not that I have anything that would potentially bring me a terrorist attack, but maybe neighborhood thieves could make use of Google’s free service. It’s like Google is saying… just come and see all over your favorite neighborhood, take your pick then mark your targets – we have done all of the leg work for you; right here on the computer. Enjoy!

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Well, if you are called a Yawn, don’t get mad. It simply means that you are part of the new breed of Young and Wealth but Normal people that are very aware of our environment and live life as green as possible. For instance, Yawns drive hybrid cars, shop at local stores, if they shop at all and pay off their credit cards every month; oh Wow, I don’t think I need to be a Yawn to want to pay my credit card debt every month, it’s a matter of financial power not Yawnic desires LOL. Oh, and Yawns also try not to use their credit cards at all.

Also, Yawns usually make over $100 K/year, but they live in a much smaller fixed income – in a conscious effort to tread lightly on the earth.  The average age of a Yawn is between 20s – 40s, who want nothing than to change the world and save he planet.

The article I read on the Sunday paper reported that, in 2004 a young man moved from Seattle to India to help build the local office of Microsoft Research. Once he saw the young children begging on the streets, he quit Microsoft and launched two networking sites, babajob.com and babalife.com, in an effort to link India’s vast pool of potential workers with the people who need labor.

How about this Google software engineer who cashed in his stock options in 2003, and to his surprise he got more money than he could ever burn in his lifetime. So, what did he do? No, he didn’t buy an expensive car or a mansion in the Googledom of Silicon Valley, he retired to a four-bedroom house in Stateline, Nevada and started giving money away. So far, he has given $400,000 to a local arts’ organization to help build a new art center, $1 million to a bus company to help launch a route to so that casino workers wouldn’t have to rely on private transportation… I wonder if he used some of his money to gamble and have some fun in Vegas too… This is what I call a GIVER! I wish we had many more Yawns in life, not just to help our environment but to help so many in need.

You go Yawns !!!

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Well, as I searched on Yahoo today, I notice the cute little “Cinco de Mayo” image  with the girl dancing and the mariachi singers. But, in its rival Google, NOTHING YES NADAS, ZIP, NIET! I just couldn’t believe that. Google always puts on a nice graphic for every holiday and even had an art image last week for two days promoting its new feature for iGoogle. But, how about the Mexican holiday? This makes me think Google is anti-Mexican and can care less about celebrating their holiday. I wonder if there are any Mexicans working at Google? LOL, probably not.


I little Cinco de Mayo history here.


Even though Yahoo dropped its share by about 20% today, they still have a nice take about it all. And, why is Google not celebrating Cinco de Mayo? Do they think Mexicans don’t use their search engine, or are Mexicans not worth the effort of some Google graphic designer to come up with a little graphic on the site celebrating their holiday?

Either way, I think Google should change its ways and get into the Cinco de Mayo spirit like Yahoo did.


Props to Yahoo!! And, I am not even Mexican.

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