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This will be one delicious red velvet cupcake bunch with cream-cheese icing




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Sometimes I get the urge to just jump in the kitchen and bake something pretty and yummy! Today, what inspired me was the movie Chocolat; very cute movie in a small French village. So, after the movie I decided to bake a cake and I also wanted to use the red roses; dipp it in melted chocolate and maybe eat it later or decorate the cake.. here is my creation! It’s a plain yellow cake cut in half with cream cheese frosting in the middle, chocolate frosting outside and coconut shavings, oh and the red chocolate rose!



Chocolate dipped strawberries, one of my favorites 🙂




More of my sweets … Cup Cakes





Rasberry pie 


Bananas, apples, and strawberries dipped in chocolate




My attempt to make crambrulle

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