I made this cake for a long time friend that is having a baby shower today! She wanted the cake to be similar to the baby shower invitation and itmel-shower-cake came out pretty good. It’s a chocolate cake with buttercream icing. Yummy!

I added the Super Mom-to-be cake topper because Mel is always so busy and doing 50 things at once, and now she will have a baby to care of too – she will be Super Mom!

I can’t wait to deliver the baby shower cake and enjoy the party with her; oh, it’s a girl!

Visit Mel’s online classified business site at http://www.listasaurus.com – this is just one of her jobs – that’s why I called her super mom!


Baby Shower Cake for a Super Mom to be

Email after the baby shower – from Mel:

“I can’t thank you enough for that amazing cake!! It was the best cake I’ve ever eaten. No joke!! I’m going to put a blog post as soon as I have a minute to breathe.”




I decided to try a chocolate cupcake recipe as a cake for my husband’s birthday. It turned out delicious, almost like a brownie but not quite. And, the best part was that I used a different buttercrram frosting recipe made with egg whites and a lot less sugar, added a bit of rum and voila. It’s one of my best cakes ever! I haven’t tried this type of buttercream icing before; but it’s delicous! Similar to this Swiss Meringue Buttercream but I added 2-1/2 tbsp of dark run.

Chocolate cake with Swiss Buttercream frosting

Chocolate cake with Swiss Buttercream frosting



Hey – check out this message from Erika, in my Cinco the Mayo post from last year – Google lied

Happy Birthday Boss!

Made this cake for my cool boss – she loved it!


See more Flower cake gift box pictures at www.webbyzard.com/la-petite-baker/

My husband won a raffle for a tankless instant water heater. Now,  since we don’t need one now in our house, I decided to sell it on eBay!  Get your water hot instantly without any wait.

Check it out  http://myworld.ebay.com/webbyzard/  or  Put your bid in for this instant water heater

Ok, here is a tip using Vaseline to keep help you save money on your manicure. One day I was at the salon doing my nails and mentioned to thevaseline manicure lady that my cuticles got dry and rough often; I guess due to washing dishes; cleaning products, just daily work. So, she told me to try rubbing some Vaseline on my hands and fingers tips and also on my feet to keep it from getting dry skin. So, I did and it works wonders!

I keep my bottle of Petroleum Jelly next to my bed and every night I rub in on my hands, fingers, and feet. Now, I am able to keep my nails and cuticles looking good for several weeks. Who would know that she gave me a tip to keep me out of her salon! I still go there for my pedicure tough. Hey, now Vaseline can save me about $20 per month and if I keep this up for the year, it’s at least $240 more in my pocket.

Another little handy “gadget” for nails is this long square nail filler; it has 4 sides to:

  • Grit: Coarse/Medium/Fine/Extra Fine
  • Files, removes ridges, smoothes and shines
  • Cuticle protection edge for safety

It’s called Tropical Shine Mini 4-Way Nail Buffer Block and it works wonder, combined with the Vaseline.

Try it!